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Licensed General Contractors


How would you like to be your own boss, make lots of money, and enjoy your family and lifestyle to the fullest!

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Use our Powerful Tools

Our teams have delivered over 5 million square feet of green, affordable, luxurious, factor-built homes worldwide, and counting.  Come join in our success! TLC Modular is Now available in the USA!

Be the Local Authorized TLC Dealer

Authorized TLC Modular USA General Contractors receive special DEALER factory pricing, so you can provide unlimited affordable luxury housing solutions for your client projects.  ADU's, homes, apartments, hotels, whatever the need, all while making money and saving time!  Do more and make more!

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Affordable Luxury Solutions

Authorized TLC Dealer Licensed General Contractors will offer a wide variety of Premium Products available for order and sale, in your local town!  Design, Develop and Grow as big as you like.  Let's Build America!

YES!  SEND ME information on becoming an Authorized TLC Modular USA General Contractor!

222 N Canon Drive #200

Beverly Hills, CA  90210

You must be a licensed general contactor in good standing to apply.  Offers and information subject to change by TLC Modular USA. 

Thanks for submitting!


Homes of the Future

At TLC Modular USA, we are proud to offer the finest quality factory-built homes, apartments, townhomes and hotels on the planet.

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